Cigar Review: Macanudo Vintage 2006

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  • Ah, life rewards patience. The rich, earthy subtlety of a vintage wine, the full-bodied tenderness of an aged premium steak -- some things are worth waiting for. Macanudo understands the virtue of patience. Since 2006, Macanudo has been saving up these gorgeous golden sticks, aging them in a cedar-lined room for the perfect moment: Now.

    The lustrous autumn gold wrapper of the Macanudo Vintage 2006 isn’t the first thing to catch your eye -- it’s the commemorative band. Encircled by a heavy stainless-steel ring that confidently conforms around your fingers as you hold the cigar, the Dominican Republic-grown Macanudo Vintage 2006 is distinctive from the very first. A smooth, almost veinless Connecticut Shade wrapper encloses matured Mexican and Dominican leaves grown under ideal conditions. The entire presentation is a work of art.

    Golden hay, sweet grass, a delicate tang -- the initial flavors of this medium-bodied cigar are complex, nostalgic, like a memory of summer. Later on, the flavor profile enriches and becomes gently nuttier, like creamy coffee and vanilla, maintaining those nuanced notes to the end and finishing on a light touch of cedar. With an excellent draw and a tight, well-defined ash, the Macanudo Vintage 2006 deserves its reputation for excellent manufacture.

    This is the kind of stick that makes a bold impression. Even though you can buy the Macanudo Vintage 2006 in packs of five for around $27.00, the gorgeous mahogany box of 12, at $66.45, is a worthy indulgence. The Macanudo Vintage 2006 comes in both the Robusto and Toro sizes, depending on your preference. What’s best is that you might come to this cigar for the presentation, but the flavor is what you'll remember.


    • Near-perfect draw
    • Rich and complex flavor
    • Consistent burn throughout
    • That distinctively bold steel band


    • Some found the initial taste too tangy
    • You need to be careful taking the band off the cigar


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