Best Cigars for Beginners

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  • Cigars are generally rated in strength from mild (sometimes called mellow) to full-bodied, depending upon the type and quantity of tobacco used in the process of making it. You essentially have 5 levels to choose from:

    • Mild
    • Mild/Medium
    • Medium
    • Medium/Full
    • Full

    As a beginner cigar smoker, you’re going to want to stick to a mild or mild/medium bodied stick until you get accustomed to the nicotine levels. Smoking a full-bodied (or even medium-bodied) cigar when you’ve just started can make you light-headed, dizzy, and even nauseated.

    Just remember to build up your tolerance over time and stick with mild or mild/mediums for the first few months of smoking. When you do decide to make the jump choose a smaller cigar at the next level, such as a petit corona or a smaller-sized robusto.

    For our tastes, we have selected 10 mild-bodied cigars that are perfect for the beginner cigar smoker…

    Macanudo Hyde Park

    Tell anyone that you’re smoking a Macanudo and they’ll immediately think you’re a pro. I mean, there’s good evidence that mob boss Tony Soprano smoked Macanudos on occasion, so your manhood will never be in question with this top shelf brand. macanudo_cafe

    Just because it’s a mild cigar, don't let it fool you. This baby is packed with flavor. Whether you’re enjoying it with your morning coffee, smoking it on the back 9 of your favorite golf course, or in the early evening with group of buddies, this cigar will really hit the spot.

    Casa de Garcia Connecticut

    Smokers across the board point to the price value this cigar offers. With a perfect blend of vintage tobaccos from both the Dominican Republic and Honduras, this cigar has a smooth and creamy flavor with a great punch of flavor. casa de garcia connecticut

    The light brown, Connecticut wrapper has beautiful color and great draw while burning evenly. There have been issues with the draw on the bigger sticks, so you may want to try the smaller sizes for best results (like the Robusto here).

    Alec Bradley American Classic

    As far as tobacco companies go, Alec Bradley is a relative newcomer to the market, having been established in 1996. After a little bit of a rocky start and trying to carve out a spot for themselves in a crowded market, Alec Bradley has released a series of cigars that have been a hit among new smokers and veterans alike.alec bradley american classic

    The American Classic cigar is a mild/medium blend, but leans more mild than medium which makes it a great smoke for a beginner. With a smooth and creamy taste this cigar belongs in every new smoker’s humidor.

    Davidoff Nicaragua Series

    When you’re ready to step up your game a bit and venture into bolder flavors and a little bit of a spicier taste then the Davidoff Nicaragua Series deserves a spot in your humidor. The dark Nicaraguan binder made of Habano-seed Rosado leaf is sure to please the eye as well as the palate.davidoff nicaragua series - robusto

    These are a little on the pricier side, so save them for that special occasion for maximum enjoyment.

    Montecristo Classic No. 2

    Chances are, even when you were a non-cigar smoker, you had heard of the Montecristo. It is probably the most famous non-cuban cigar on the market. The No. 2 in particular is not only smooth and creamy, but has a great nutty flavor with hints of coffee throughout the smoke.montecristo_no_2_yellow

    Even though it is a mild smoke, the flavors are full and complex and sure to please you.

    Isla Del Sol by Drew Estate

    One warm summer night several years ago a buddy of mine had invited me to his cabin for a boys weekend. When cigars were distributed he knew I was a new smoker and tossed me an Isla del Sol by Drew Estate.isla del sol robusto

    I immediately took to this cigar from the first sweetened draw. The sun-blessed Sumatran wrapper houses a unique and flavorful blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos. Even though I have moved on to stronger bodied cigars I will return to the Isla del Sol for the nostalgia and the even-bodied smoke it offers. Give it a try.

    Oliva Connecticut Reserve

    With a light, rich taste the Oliva Connecticut Reserve is a great addition in an already great line of Oliva cigars. Hints of cedar and butter round this baby out and leave you with a great aftertaste.oliva connecticut reserve robusto

    Always constructed well and highly consistent, you can’t go wrong with the Oliva Connecticut Reserve.

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