Arturo Fuente Curly Head

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  • Whenever you’re dealing with handmade products (such as cigars) you understand that inconsistencies and slight imperfections come with the territory. Cost of doing business. But, the Arturo Fuente Curlyhead line breaks all the rules.

    If you had to sum up the curlyhead in a word - from the flavor to the draw to the burn - it would have to be consistency. With a rich, nutty flavor (and just a touch of sweetness) this is a great everyday cigar to enjoy while sitting in the back yard on a cool summer evening or with friends around a campfire.

    Made in the Dominican Republic at the world famous Arturo Fuente factory, this is a smoke you can rely on every time. Those who are new to cigar smoking will find it’s mild/medium flavor particularly easy to enjoy.

    They’re easy on the wallet too. Around $97 for a box of 40 you aren’t going to find a quality cigar for this inexpensive. Speaking of quality, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s cheap. On the contrary, they are still filled with high-end tobacco from the factory and are still subject to the same exacting quality standards that made the Arturo Fuente brand famous.

    If there is a knock against this cigar it’s that it isn’t always the prettiest made cigar, sometimes has slight imperfections in the wrapper, and doesn’t come with a fancy band, but at this price and flavor, who cares? In fact, rumor has it that this is the stick that the rollers themselves smoke. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!


    • inexpensive (under $2.50 each)
    • very consistent flavor and draw
    • smooth taste
    • burns evenly
    • made by Arturo Fuente


    • sometimes there are quality problems with the wrapper (wrapped too loose or has slight tears)
    • has been said that the tobacco used is leftover from the premium brands

    There are four sticks to choose from in the Curlyhead line:

    • Curlyhead EMS
    • Curlyhead Claro
    • Curlyhead Deluxe Natural
    • Curlyhead Deluxe Maduro
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