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    So Who Are The Cigar Masters Anyway?

    We realize the name may sound a little pretentious, but honestly, the reason we chose it is because the domain was available. That’s only partly true!

    In all seriousness though, we’re just a few friends who love cigars and it’s a passion that we wanted to share with the world. We also remember what it was like when we got started - intimidating, overwhelming, a little scary…you get the point - and we wanted to help others interested in cigar smoking learn the ropes in a friendly environment.

    Our goal is to bring you the most educational, entertaining, and useful information that we can about all things cigar smoking. We do this through Reviews, Guides, and our Blog. It is our intent that you always visit our site with something to learn and you leave having learned it.

    Fair enough?

    Then let’s get started!


    The Cigar Masters

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