Cigar Review: Casa de Garcia Connecticut

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  • Overview

    Handmade in the Dominican Republic, the Casa de Garcia Connecticut is a light, mild-bodied cigar offering a smooth blend of premium tobaccos. The affordable smoke is consistently smooth, with a light and creamy flavor that makes this cigar a wonderful every-day smoke. One of the most affordable cigars out there, this particular stick offers a great value.

    Smoking Notes

    First Third:

    Smooth and creamy, mellow tobacco notes. Very mild smoke. Light touch of leather.

    Middle Third:

    A hint of vanilla comes through. Still very light flavors, mostly creamy with the subtle notes on top.

    Final Third:

    Slight caramel notes come through in the final third, complements the other flavors nicely. The vanilla comes and goes. Blended well.


    Wrapped in Connecticut Broadleaf, the Casa de Garcia Connecticut imparts a smooth, creamy texture and soft wood notes. Small veins can be seen throughout the beautiful brown wrapper. At first glance, you can tell that the Casa de Garcia is well constructed, despite its low price point.

    The Broadleaf surrounds a lovely aged blend of Dominican, Honduran & Connecticut long filler tobaccos, a combination that results in a light, sweetly flavored cigar that is consistently creamy throughout. The filler provides a consistent draw and steady burn, although the draw can be quite firm.

    Offering a fair amount of cigar for your money, the Casa de Garcia Churchill Connecticut measures just over 6 inches long with a 50 gauge ring, a nice fat smoke that can last upwards of an hour and a half. Great for long, lazy mornings when you want something smooth to wake you up. The large size feels good in the hand and the tobacco blend burns smoothly, needing few, if any, touch-ups.

    Its light, creamy flavor and incredibly mild body make the Casa de Garcia a fantastic daily smoke for anyone and a great introduction to cigars for new smokers. While enjoyable, the smoke is fairly simple in flavor and there isn't a lot of complexity going on. Primarily smooth and creamy, with a slight touch of leather and wood, you'll need to look elsewhere for a more sophisticated flavor profile.

    However, simplicity is not inherently bad. Because of its simple flavors, the Casa de Garcia is fairly easy to pair. Suggested pairings run a wide spectrum, everything from a medium roast coffee with cream and sugar to a glass of good scotch, perhaps a 12 year, whose spicy honey, buttery caramel, and peppery cocoa would add some complementary complexity to the flavors. Overall, you can and should smoke this stick with anything.

    To summarize this particular cigar in a single word: Mild.

    It is simple, it is smooth and mild. The Casa de Garcia is a perfect cigar for daily smoking because it prides itself on the smooth flavors of premium tobacco, letting nothing get in the way. In doing so, this cigar becomes a must try for everyone. The simplicity is perfect for newcomers, and it offers a nice palate cleanser for more experienced smokers. The long smoke makes this stick a great way to start off a lazy morning or wind down a busy day.


    • Smooth and consistent draw
    • Light, enjoyable flavor
    • Smoke odor


    • Draw can be quite firm
    • Very simple flavor profile
    • Tends to be flaky

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